The Hunting Warehouse contains some of the most informative and compelling material on deer hunting ever assembled. We will be discussing four major classes of North American deer. Western Mule Deer, the Southwestern Coues Deer the Columbian Blacktail and the infamous Whitetail-rated by many as the smartest big game animal in North America.

We will examine the preparation needed to have a successful hunt using non fictional short stories that help illustrate the following:

  1. Which firearm and ammunition are best suited to the varied hunting conditions around the country will be addressed.
  2. The sighting in all types of rifles-with or without scopes.
    3. The advantages of pre-season scouting.
    4. The science of trail watching and on deer wise techniques for small drives.
    5. Various strategies for whitetails
    6. Different types of treestands
    7. Recipes for cooking venison and deer jerky

We will also be explaining the Boone and Crockett trophy program along with the Pope & Young Club. Whether you’re an experience hunter or just starting out, the information supplied by “The Hunting Warehouse” will increase your knowledge and help you have a successful hunting experience.